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SPSEC is going to publish yet another issue of the annual school magazine

Students, parents, teachers and alumni are requested to contribute their own write-ups in the form of stories, poems, articles, funny anecdotes, biographies, travelogues etc. Your contributions must be original /self-composed and mailed to padamjyoti@staff.spsec.co.in. by October 10, 2023.
Kindly mention your name, class & section and attach your passport-sized photograph with the article. Parents are requested to mention their full name along with their child’s name and class and attach their own photograph. The write-ups must be in Word format and images/photos in JPEG format (high resolution).

Note: All articles will be screened by the editorial board, and may be subject to alterations etc., as deemed by them. The right to publish any contribution is reserved, and the decision of the Editorial Board will be final.

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