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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Nature Walk

A walk through the marvels of nature can foster a natural sense of wonderment amongst children through the use of hands-on exploration to discover the natural world, which in turn, would help them learn science and ecology in the most interesting way possible.
Nature walks are an opportunity to relax, take your time, and explore the environment. “A nature walk is a great way to ‘unplug,’ observe, and explore nature while enjoying the outdoors,”.
Going on a nature walk and deliberately noticing things encourages children to observe with all their senses. Children can learn to focus their attention and take in the details of things around them. It can be a peaceful, reflective experience for you and your children.
Walking in Nature Reduces Stress and Anxiety

By observing the environment with all their senses, children build new brain pathways! That brain development provides a strong foundation for life-long learning. You’re also working on a child’s motor skills, like running, balancing, climbing above and under things.
Nature walks, along with suitable follow- up activities, can lead to the development of children’s social, emotional, language, cognitive, physical and creative aspects. Walking in nature has many proven benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. It can help our physical body, but it can also improve our cognition, change our brain and help us foster important practices such as mindfulness and gratitude.

“Usually, when people go on a nature walk, they usually only look at things. Only the eyes are involved. We  smell, touch and feel the texture”. Rishita Tekriwal (student)
Indulging the senses was one of our core points,”
Rishita Tekriwal (student)

Happiness Consists in Giving and Serving Others

The children of Prerna Spastic Centre visited our institution on the occasion of the Charity Day ie 20th, August 2019 and performed on a medley of patriotic songs. They were also entertained and were given a platform to play a few games organized by our school. The shining stars of Prerna School were honoured with small tokens of love by our Vice Principal, Mrs. Divya Mehta. They happily carried back the sweet memories of the day spent at SPSEC.


Social responsibility is an ethical framework which suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the society and themselves. We at Singhania sustain the equilibrium between the two by making the students perform activities that directly advance their social goals.

We have various social activities lined up in our Activity Planner which includes Charity Day , Visit to Orphanages , DISHA – our social community development project , International Award for Young People (IAYP) ,, School on Wheels , INTACH etc for the students of all age groups .