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Principal's Message
Mrs. bhawna gupta

From the ancient Gurukul system to the Modern School system, from the restricted boundaries to the open global village, changes are sweeping across the world and Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre plays a novel, imperative and exigent role in educating upcoming generations.

We are distinctive and incomparable in this respect where we sensitize minds with global outlook, believing into thinking and doing by nurturing their fearless curiosity. Academic excellence on one hand, exposure to the cultural and ideological dimensions of life on the other, help in development of young ignited minds and is set as top priorities.

Our belief is that values and character are the building blocks for long term growth, success and happiness. I wish the Singhanians to influence practices that contribute to the productive force of nation and work for the well being of self and society.

I strongly believe that “Wisdom is never enough. It is an ongoing process”.

Bhawna Gupta

School Principal