Kudos to the Winners !!! The spellbinding performance of the school Orchestra Team hypnotised all in KSS INTER SCHOOL ORCHESTRA COMPETITION with the rhythmical and synchronous instrumental beats and majestically won the RUNNERS UP TROPHY with befitting participation.

Exultation and Jubiliation !!! The star-studded girls basketball team of SPSEC triumphantly bagged OVERALLL WINNERS TROPHY in KSS GIRLS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT with their winning goals. The spectators praised the players for turning the final match to a breathtaking stage.

The Chess Team of SPSEC lifted the championship trophy with its magnificent performance in Interschool Chess Championship held at Dr. Soney Lal Patel School, Kanpur. The participants were awarded with gold medals and certificates.

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Singhanians are getting addicted to winning for which their enthusiasm and passion blended with dedication makes them unparalleled. Once again Singhanians proved this by lifting ' The Winners Trophy ' in the K.S.S Table Tennis Tournament- 2019, held at DPS Azad Nagar.SPSEC proudly secured the Championship Trophy in both the categories (Boys Team and GirlsTeam) in all 19 schools participated. SPSEC pridefully secured 6 medals (4 Gold + 1 Silver + 1 Bronze).In the Individual Senior Category Shrishti Mishra bagged Gold Medal and Omji Pandey secured Silver Medal.In the Individual Junior Category, Aaryan Arora bagged Gold medal and Kenisha Jaiswal secured Bronze Medal.

The budding and dynamic debaters of SPSEC- HARSHIT SINGH of grade VII and PAAWANI MISHRA of grade VIII made their alma mater proud as they held aloft a glittering trophy when they bagged RUNNERS UP POSITION in KSS INTER SCHOOL HINDI DEBATE COMPETITION. Harshit Singh was awarded with the first position in individual category for his oratory skills and proved his arguments with conviction speaking for the motion on the topic -'PARYAWARAN KI UPEKSHA TRITYA VISHWA YUDH KO JANM DEGI'.

Empowered the Power !!! The power of the spoken word is undeniable and it splashed in the young debaters of SPSEC in KSS Inter School English Debate Competition organised by Ambika Prasad School on the topic - "DO EXAMINATIONS DETERMINE INTELLIGENCE?" Harshit Singh of grade VII and Pawani Mishra of grade VIII with their eloquent debating skills secured the FIRST and SECOND POSITION consecutively in individual categories and triumphantly bagged the OVERALL WINNERS TROPHY. The participants presented their well-articulated thoughts and vehemently put forth their convictions .

Dedication, when blended with passion and enthusiasm breeds achievement. The splendid and stupendous performance of the student of SPSEC - Nida-E-Zaira-Zaidi brought laurels to the school by bagging the first position (Group A) in K.S.S. Inter School Art Competition held at J.D. Education Centre, Kanpur against 32 counter participants on the topic ' Social Media-The Time Killer'.

The skill of hand-eye coordination displayed in her art-piece was delightful to the sight of judges. In Group B- Devanshi Jain was also awarded with the consolation prize for her subtle transitions in using colours of different combinations.

The Principal, Ms. Bhawna Gupta extended her heartiest congratulations to the students on their stunning achievements .

Dexterous Debaters of Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre accentuated the glory of the school by elevating the OVERALL WINNER'S TROPHY in K.S.S. INTERSCHOOL ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION held at Delhi Public School Azad Nagar, Kanpur.

The promising and propitious speakers- Sanya Bhatia and Suhani Kapoor walked away not only with the Overall Winner's Trophy but also bagged the Best Speaker's Trophy by speaking on the topic " Politics is No Longer an Attractive Career for the Educated Youth". With their eloquent debating skills defeating 44 participants in the competition the Singhanians proved their mettle by presenting their well-articulated thoughts and vehemently put forth their convictions.

The Principal, Ms. Bhawna Gupta extended her heartiest congratulations to the students on this spectacular achievement.