Spring adds new life and new beauty to all

The weather is getting warmer and everything is starting to turn colourful; Spring is almost here! Its time to bring some bright colours into the classrooms and make students excited about this new season. To make the most of this season 'Florenza' activity was organised in Foundation Block. Children looked their best in floral attires. They were taken to JK Temple for the activity where various recreational pursuits on spring season were created. Children were apprised about various flowers like Calendula, Carnation, Poppy, Pansy, Lotus etc. It was a delight to see our blooming stars so cheerful and excited as they all enjoyed the excursion to the fullest.


To take a walk down the lanes of nostalgia, SPSEC hosted an extravaganza - '25th YEAR REUNION OF1995' to rekindle memories, renew friendships and relive the school years. The day witnessed a plethora of activities ranging from exuberant reunion, fun and frolic, felicitations and emotional adieus

Inter House G.K. Quiz Report

'Knowledge is a treasure,but practice is the key to it.' To engage and enlighten the students of SPSEC,the Primary Wing successfully conducted an Inter House G.K. Quiz-Quizzesta on the occasion of Republic Day for Classes I-V on 25th January,2020 in which four different houses gave a tough battle to each other.The general knowledge of the students was tested on various political topics such as Facts about our Constitution,Current Leaders of our Country,Information regarding days of National Importance ,National Freedom Movements and Freedom Fighters.The quiz was a great success and the students enjoyed a lot.It was very informative and encouraged the children to be aware about the world around them.

JEE Main 2020

Star performers of SPSEC


Storytelling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in Indian culture as an effective communication tool. It can be used to inform, entertain and educate. It is often used as a medium to ingrain values, improving reading skills and opening the minds of children to worlds beyond imagination. A story-telling session was organized for classes Root, Bud and Bloom. The session was indeed valuable and distinct. Children found it really interesting and were engrossed in the story of “The Enormous Turnip” which was told to them with creative gestures and facial expressions. The appropriate use of voice modulation and body language infused passion, enhanced imagination and expression. Overall this session helped the young souls for creative thinking.

Lohri and Makar Sankranti Celebration

We believe in adorning our little one with the rich culture and values of our country. Hence each festival is celebrated with grandeur at SPSEC. Children of Root, Bud & Bloom celebrated the festivals of 'Lohri' and 'Makar Sankranti' on 14th January, 2020 with great zeal and enthusiasm. They created beautiful artworks by doing 'Eraser Printing' on the kites and made ' Bonfire Night Craft' by doing ' Blow Painting ' on sheets. To add a zing to the celebration, children gathered around the bonfire and danced on the beats of dhol. They went back home bubbling with joy and enriched with knowledge about the importance of festivals.


On the occasion of 'Ganga Sanitation Resolution Day', the Singhanians with their unswerving participation in Ganga Swachchta Sanklap pledged to evoke their hitherto towards their mother 'GANGA'.The Pupils promised to take initiatives and vividly stepping ahead in resustaining the richness of river Ganga with it's essence.


The ordinary men bear the drudgery of life and vanish in oblivion but the extraordinary become immortal.
The students and staff of SPSEC paid homage to our late Founder Sir Padampat Singhania Ji who was an illustrious leader, a prominent educationist and a firm believer in the values of education.


The sunshine of the day embarked with glee and gaiety as the mentors and educators of SPSEC rejoiced the Singhanians with their rocking performances in an extravaganza filled with music, dance and some fun filled activities. The students were elated to see their teachers in high spirits reliving the childhood.

The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals

Festivals act as a binder to each state and every culture. To make our children aware about the culture, traditions through co-operative learning and sharing the sparkling "festival of lights" Diwali was celebrated in the Foundation Block. An occasion to celebrate good over evil, light over darkness and awareness over ignorance. Diwali a festival of lights , joy happiness and positivity was celebrated with great festive fervour.
The merriment and cheerfulness was felt all around as the children got into spirit of festivitiy. The celebrations began with the blessings on lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi followed by a choir and dance presentation by our little stars. The pre school corridors and classrooms gleamed with vibrant colours, crafts and beautiful rangoli.

Competition motivates and drives people to learn and benefit from their strengths and weaknesses

Words have incredible power to persuade,convert and to compel which was exhibited by the debaters in 33rd SHRI GOPAL KRISHNA SINGHANIA INTER SCHOOL ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION hosted by SPSEC at GHSIMR, Kamla Nagar , Kanpur on the topic " Artificial Intelligence Will Supersede Human Intuitive Thinking." Ms. Shefali Raj (M.D, PSIT, Kanpur ) presided over the function as the Chief Guest.The Guest of Honour - Mr.Arun Pathak (MLC. Kanpur) and Mr. Raghuraj Singh ( H.O.D. Computer Science, HBTU,Kanpur) with their insights emphasised upon the existence of human intuitive thinking and its supremacy over artificial intelligence. The participants of several reputed schools presented their well-articulated thoughts with dramatic language , skillful learning and precision.The objective of the event was to sharpen critical thinking and communicative skills of the students.

Valedictory Ceremony

Art is artistic in the art of an artist and the artists of Singhania stole the show on the last day of 'Art Workshop' through the exhibition of their art pieces. The delightful palette of engaging session explored the vision of learners perceiving art as a poetry written with colours, that reflects the perspective of imaginative world.The novel and prolific work of the students opined that art improves critical thinking, concentration, perception and integration skills.The presence of the revered Vice Chairperson - Ms.Varsha Singhania ignited the sight of the novices to be channelised with the synchronous functioning of body, mind and soul. The mentoring and the guidance of the Resource Person- Mr.Samir Sarkar catalysed the students to be free in expressing their emotions and feelings with strokes of colours on canvas.

Artists of Singhania Learning the Art of Installation

The third day of the workshop dealt with training the novices with the art form 'Installation'. It is the artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. The students created an image on theme 'The Navel' by using worn-out furniture of school and presented in a unique form with right proportions and exact angles.

Art is self-discovery of an artist and paints what he is

Singhanians sailed in the ocean of imagination while creating their artistic world on the first day of 4 Day Art Workshop - 'START 6'( Stop Thinking Art is Really Tough) after the inaugural ceremony in the foundation block of the school . The Resource Person - Mr. SAMIR SARKAR , an eminent figure in the field of art is a self-disciplined personality who perfected himself in line drawing on canvas and giving shape using varied shades of colors. During the workshop the students were taught to draw free hand sketches with charcoal material. The task was challenging but interesting for the novices which enabled them to know more about tonal values.

Khadi Fashion Show

Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre organized the "Khadi Fashion Show" on October 14, 2019, for the primary classes I to V .The fashion show was held with the aim to pay a tribute to the "Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi" on his 150th birth anniversary. The young Singhanians were decked up in the vibrant khadi attires and accessories. They carried it with utmost grace and pride. The little models endeared the audience with their adorable looks and dresses which were enhanced by various elements. It was a spectacular display of talent and fervor. This also promotes the idea of using Indian products

Dussehra Celebration- Victory Of Good Over Evil

On the special day of Dussehra as we celebrate valor, courage and triumph of good over evil, we wish the bliss and beauty of this festival, be with you throughout the year. Keeping the festive spirit alive and to mark Lord Rama's victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always wins over evil a story session was conducted through a musical drama presented by students who were dressed up beautifully as the characters of the epic - Ramayana. The students were apprised about the importance of the festival and the culture behind it. 'Ravana Making' - Group Activity was also conducted in the classes. May this festival bring lot of joy and spirituality in your life


Those we love , don't go away. They walk beside us everyday. Unseen , unheard but always near , so loved , so missed ,so very dear. SPSEC organised a soulful event Bhavanjali on the 5th death anniversary of our Founder Chairman revered Shri Govind Hari Ji Singhania , 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and also the 115 the birth anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri , the second Prime Minister of India The feeling of Indian-ness was demonstrated by the Art of Spinning through Charkha , a symbol of freedom and self reliance.

Art is the colour and textures of your imaginations!!

Art activities are a terrific way for kids to express themselves creatively and an important part of early childhood education. To spread the brightness of colours and encourage the creative and artistic talents Art Attack activity was organised for classes Root, Bud & Bloom in the Foundation Block. It provided a creative outlet and allowed our young minds to create their own imaginative art.

Daughters' Day!!

When it comes to our relationships, nothing rings truer than having a DAUGHTER.She's the greatest source of pride. SPSEC pledges to PROTECT her...LOVE her.... RESPECT her and EMPOWER her..

Hindi is the soul of Indian Culture!!

The Hindi Week-'Hindi Hai Hum' was held in Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre from 9th - 13 th September. The students were apprised about the importance of Hindi Diwas in the assembly. The school captain Yashi Pandey led the students while they took the country's pledge in Hindi .All the students participated enthusiastically in the various activities like sulekh pratiyogita , kavita paath, Aao kahaani Sunaye, extempore on 'Hamare Vidyalaya Ka Pustakalaya',Doha recital etc. with a view to respect and promote the Hindi language.

Nobody can inspire, motivate anyone better than....HE HIMSELF

Yash Tiwari, 17 years old, Kanpur's Youngest Author of the book called A Celebration In Tribulation and a nominee among 'Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India' was at SPSEC to inspire the young Singhanians. His motivational speech was on positive relationship between strength and opportunities. He said that to encounter ones weakness, one must maximise his strengths. He left an indelible mark on the minds of young scholars of SPSEC.

Awareness Drive !!!

In fostering environmental stewardship the Singhanians of SPSEC spiritedly participated in the movement of spreading awareness regarding the utility and vitality of ayurvedic herb - GILOY (Tinospora Cordifolia) known as 'Amrita'.It has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages and recognized to accord longevity, enhances memory, improves health, and bestows youth.In giloy quiz competition, the students of our school impressed all with their intellectual temperament.

Teachers can change lives with just right mix of chalk and challenges

SPSEC with gusto and gaiety celebrated Teacher's Day, the day was truly memorable and treasured by all the mentors. The students left no stone unturned to make their teachers special. They greeted their educators with hand-made cards, rendition of songs and lots of affection.The pupils with their performances acknowledged their love, reverence and care that each teacher bestows on them. They are the cornerstone of students future and there is nothing worth enough to gratify them for their selfless service and commitment.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movements. Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre organized an Inter House Dance Competition of the Primary Wing. Colourful and peppy folk dances from Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab and Gujarat were a part of the competition. The energetic and vigorous dances performed by the students of all the houses left the audience mesmerized. To wrap up the event our principal maam was called upon to say a few words of encouragement to the participants and to announce the results.

Creativity in Creating the Creator !!!

The foundation block of SPSEC dazzled and blazed as the pallette of festivity marked the blissful arrival of Lord Ganesh when the students of Grade VI to XII attended the 'TWO DAY- CLAY MODELLING WORKSHOP'. During the workshop the artisans zealously participated when they were provided with the colourful clay to create their own idol of Ganesha. The engagement of novices in the activity stimulated their creativity to make dainty and exquisite idols under the supervision of art teachers.

Pledging for Healthy and Happy Life !!!

Singhanians with their unwavering and unswerving participation witnessed the much- anticipated 'FIT INDIA MOVEMENT ' launched by our Honourable Prime Minister live in their classrooms which was aired on national broadcaster.It aimed to encourage Indians to consider sports as their life mantra to pave the way for healthy life. Our Singhanians pledged to prioritise sports and fitness in their day-to-day lives. It is the significant sight that there is no elevator to success, one has to take the stairs to achieve.

Eloquent and Impactful Interactive Session!!

Marching ahead without tarry and moving towards perfection without fearing the thorns and sharp stones on life's path is the true delineation of the ADROIT ALUMNUS and EX. STUDENT of SPSEC - Akash Deep Arora (Batch 2010). He has satisfactorily supplemented it by edging his skills and talent extensively in film industry and proved with his intense acting in movies like URI - THE SURGICAL STRIKE, TITLI, TUMSE NA HO PAAYEGA and MIRZAPUR. Young Singhanians had the privilege to live his life from his school days to the time of today as star when he interacted with them and shared the state of dilemma for future,his dreams and vision and ultimate aim of life. He motivated the students by triggering their minds that with conviction, determination and faith one may turn the star of sky to fall in the palm of longing. The students found the session relatable and phenomenal.

Birthday of Lord Krishna

Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, pleasanter indeed than any happiness and joy is the power of the name of Krishna. The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm, on this Janmashtami day, in India. To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami was celebrated in classes Root, Bud & Bloom. Beautiful attires of students dressed up as Radha and Krishna enhanced the auspiciousness of festive fervour. The premises was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with Jhankis depicting life history of Lord Krishna. The celebration that followed was truly entertaining and educating..