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Shri Abhishek Singhania

India is emerging as the fastest growing economy in the world. Whereas, The Indian Higher Education provides leadership manpower in various sectors of National life and Economy. Secondary Education has emerged as the single largest provider of working people in all spheres of National productivity. At this critical juncture of Indian Development, the Secondary Education needs a fresh look.

I am proud that our Institute not only focuses on academics but also on overall development the child emphasizing on content, processes, social services and also makes all the efforts so that we remain at the forefront of technology . The formats of education are undergoing a change. Overall the rate of change inside an Institution has to be equal or more than the rate of change outside, in case we need to excel .

And that is the challenge on which we will work together and witness the success of our institute. I am sure that all students, parents and teachers will contribute their best to achieve the results.