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Workshop on Introducing Mental Health and its Intricacies to the Students.

The session aimed to understand the characteristics and functioning of thoughts, and feelings and their impact on the body, behaviour, and decision-making skills of an individual. An activity using balloons was conducted to provide an experiential and symbolic example of holding on to and then releasing subsequently. Not understanding emotions and the consequences of not working through it was also a point of discussion. The emphasis was given to the concept of ‘ownership’ and how by taking ownership and accountability one can execute the mission to reach the vision.

Sanskar Pathshala!

Workshop on Carbon Footprint !
The workshop aimed to educate students about the concept of carbon footprint and the impact of their actions on the environment. The young learners were also motivated to take action to reduce their carbon footprint and become advocates for climate justice.

Create! Design ! Experiment !

Workshop on Design Thinking

Workshop on Communication!

Cultivating Confidence with power of communication.


“Meditation is, when everything within becomes calm and composed. “


Educators discovered the relevance of Vedic Mathematics for modern effective learning.

The educators of SPSEC attended the workshop on Vedic Mathematics held at CSJM University, Kanpur. Mr. Anokhe Lal Pathak was the eminent speaker of the workshop. He focussed on the benefits and applications of Vedic Mathematics and also emphasized upon various techniques used to simplify complex calculations, improve mental math skills, and enhance problem-solving abilities.The speaker also accentuated the use of Vedic Mathematics in sharpening the mind, increasing mental agility, enhancing retention skills and boosting self-confidence.