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Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

Our school, Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, is the bastion of academic attainment. Here every subject is punctuated with the paramount resources to promulgate pedagogy in the most efficient manner. The Chemistry Laboratory houses superior quality chemicals and glassware to aid and facilitate experiments under the experienced and watchful supervision of the extremely efficient mentors, whose proficiency is time tested. We stock adequate equipment that can accommodate any unforeseen demand that may arise out of surge in number of students. The laboratory attendants are highly capable professionals and assist the bright young minds in conducting chemical reactions and tests. Their appointment and qualifications abide CBSE norms.

Our Chemistry Laboratory was renovated in 2010 and since then has increased its capacity to hold up to 100 students at one time, without adding discomfort to the space required. We allow 40 pupils per batch and operate practical and theory classes simultaneously. The Chemistry Laboratory of our school is ranked as the best in terms of facility, quality and work ambiance in the state and surpasses all the parameters that pronounce the definition of a hallmark tests and experiments conducting resource.