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Shri Govind Hari Singhania Centre for Advanced Learning

We witness evolution in technology, human relationships and even the way we interact with nature. The Centre for Advanced Learning is a pioneer venture to empower students by upgrading their technical and aesthetic skills.

  • This centre would enable students to learn and practice modern technologies along with liberal arts, performing arts and sciences.
  • This experience will enable students to understand and think creatively and meet future with confidence and knowledge.
  • The centre will be equipped with various advanced labs and technologists to train students in the areas of fine arts and sciences.
  • The centre endeavours to provide enriching learning experiences that fill the young learners’ minds with curiosity, creativity & design thinking. It is a cutting-edge intersection between skill, knowledge and practice.

We are proud to introduce the following as a part of our Advanced Learning Programme :


Robotics Lab

The introduction of the Robotics Club of Kanpur, a collaboration with Science and Technology Council, Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur


Augmented & Virtual (AR/VR) Reality Lab

Our Augmented/Virtual Reality Lab is a dedicated space for the exploration of ultra-modern immersive technologies - physically and imaginatively.


Additive Manufacturing Lab

This lab aims at student's orientation with Additive Manufacturing Process. The curriculum is designed by Additive Minds Academy and will be taught by trainers trained by them.


Astronomy Lab

The Astronomy Lab will enable students to experience space, learn about the many mysteries of the cosmos and also watch celestial bodies.


Mathematics Lab

A practical mathematical approach in our well-equipped laboratory will be a place, where students enjoy mathematics through exploration.


Psychology Lab

Our Psychology Lab will be equipped with the latest and the best facilities for behavioural research in the country. It will facilitate research in many cutting edge areas of psychology.


Dance Lab (Classical)

The Dance Lab will groom students with professional quality education in the field of Classical Indian Dance.


Music Lab (Classical Hindustani & Western)

This Music Lab will enable students to learn Hindustani Classical and Western Classical Music from great gurus of national and international fame.


Art & Craft Lab

Art & Craft Lab is a place for experiments with creativity. This lab aims to encourage the students to bring forth their innovative power.