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The PUKAAR Foundation, an initiative by J.K. Organisation, steers ahead with the ideologies of serving, saving and securing the lives of the most impecunious and impoverished strata of the city. It stands tall by its noble mission, under the able guidance of Shri Abhishek Ji Singhania, the Managing Director of J.K. Cotton Ltd. The goal of the foundation is to ensure that no deprived person sleeps hungry and food reaches every household surviving in the dearth of necessities. The rendition of Shri Abhishek Ji Singhania’s vision into the reality has become the testimony in the sight of his benevolent and magnanimous credence during the hardened testing time. PUKAAR foundation in its mobility has the vision to contribute its bit for the cause and sustenance of humanity. Every day the foundation, under the able stewardship of Mr. Ashish Chauhan, distributes food to thousands of hungry people in the slums of the city and outside the Hallet Hospital, Ursala Hospital and Chandni Nursing Home. In this turbulent hour of crisis, Shri Abhishek Ji Singhania responded to the call of duty as a life saviour and donated the Oxygen Generator Plant of 170 litres capacity to Cantonment General Hospital which has been converted to COVID-19 L1 Hospital. The Oxygen Generator Plant has been facilitated by PUKAAR foundation with the financial assistance of J.K. Cotton Ltd. The hospital has become the lifeline for the human race. The hospital with 30 beds giving oxygen support is functional from May 24, 2021. Ambulance Services will also be very soon launched by the foundation so that the needy can avail the health facilities at the earliest. It is validated in words and certified in deeds that the indefatigable demeanour of our revered Sir has given hope to the destitute, who are the beneficiaries of his kindness. The steadfastness of the Managing Director, Shri Abhishek Ji Singhania to reaffirm faith in humanity is a source of inspiration and motivation for all for being part of kith and kin.