English Week

The language we use influences the way we think

Acknowledging the importance of English language in today's world, the primary section is celebrating "English Week" from 9th July to 11th July 2019. The program aims at encouraging the students to use English language as the medium of interaction with their family and friends.

An array of events are being conducted with the motive to enhance the vocabulary, language skills and to make learning more enjoyable.

The English week started with great enthusiasm and zeal amongst the students. Various activities are conducted to hone the LSRW skills of children in an unconventional method. The activities included " Story building competition" , " Dumb Charades of English words " and Passing the parcel of words will be conducted tomorrow with more fun filled and learning sessions.

The week is turning out to be truly purposeful. It is proving to be a great success with maximum participation by our students which helped them in enhancing their varied skills.