1 Size of the library in sq. feet 1620
2 No. of Periodicals 20
3 No. of Dailies 15 News Paper
4 No. of Refrence Books 1555
5 No. of magzines 33
6 Others  

A library is not only a place that houses and accommodates supplements of knowledge and information in written texts but also acts as a temple for academic aficionados where the Gods of Intellect dwell.

Named after Smt. Luxmi Devi Loyolka and established in the year 1982, the school's library, with a voluminous collection of over thirty thousand books and subscriptions to thirteen newspapers and magazines, caters incessantly to the educational needs of the students and staff members.

The school's library is the central point for engagement with all kinds of reading, access to information on various topics and knowledge building.

Books on all disciplines of science, technology, humanities, and a separate collection of prescribed text books kept under a book bank, exclusively for students. It is also a key support to the teaching staff and reflects collaborative learning along with sharing idea.

The Library management activities are computerized and effectively managed by a qualified staff.