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Model United Nations is a form of academic simulation, giving students a unique interest in the presently mystified world of diplomacy. They are allowed to research burning topics, resolve ongoing global and regional crises, and represent eminent portfolios.
Students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. 

At a time when dialogue is equivalent to argumentativeness, discussion is often a mere smokescreen, and debates are won by being the loudest, not by being correct, it is necessary to do away with the inadequacies of the current situation.
We need order.
We need stability.
We need solutions.
We need to collaborate effectively and make the right synergistic alliances moving forward to ensure that we progress, and not regress.
On the 15th of July, 2023, Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre strived for progress yet again, and provided the perfect platform for order to manifest with our Model United Nations Conference – SPSECMUN ’23: The Inaugural Edition!
Under the able guidance of our esteemed Principal , Ms. Bhawna Gupta, Vice Principal , Ms. Kavita Chaddha, Headmistress , Ms. Vandana Trivedi, CCA department(Ms Vibha Dwivedi ,Ms Neha Thappar and Ms Seema Singh), and MUN coordinator, Ms. Heena Chattani, our student-led body, the SPSECMUN’23 Secretariat, comprising Secretary General, Vaibhav Mishra, his team of Undersecretary Generals, Sampurna Rastogi, Aanya Saxena, Vaibhavi Singh, Rudhraksh Singh, Vaibhav Singh and  Arnav Gupta, along with their Organising Committee, conducted a very successful first edition of the conference.
The Committees and the agendas of each of the committees, handpicked by the secretariat, revolved around urgent issues that are often sidelined amongst the flamboyance of speedily changing news cycles.
The committees and Agendas of SPSECMUN’23 were:

Keeping in mind our motto, ‘Research, Resolve and Represent’, our conference goals
revolved not only around enhancing the speaking, negotiation and communication skills
of our delegates, but also around creating awareness about issues that are often left
unheard, stimulating critical thought at the individual and aggregate levels, and instilling
a collaborative, solution-centric environment.
With experienced Executive Board members (who had served at multiple conferences themselves as both delegates and EB members) channeling their enthusiasm, the conference was a truly memorable experience for both; every delegate participating; and team SPSECMUN ‘23!