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Shri Partho Pratim Kar

From the Vice-Chairman and Director

Education has the most profound impact on the growth of a nation and how society evolves and the values it upholds. It is an era of digital transformation with rapid changes happening at a great pace. As a part of education, along with leadership and vision as well as building the capacity of teachers and the Millennials, creating the right learning infrastructure is equally important. Access to technology can facilitate and empower the educators to build 21st century skills, which are around critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, collaboration, and teamwork among several others.

SPSEC’s framework for 21st century skills, strongly postulates a competency-based approach to learning and teaching. It is imperative that we should not only focus on exposure to knowledge but also build competencies that matter for employability and entrepreneurship.

With the mission of imparting ultramodern and comprehensive education of global standards and striving to demonstrate excellence in every field with the able support of its experienced faculty, cooperative parents, and stakeholders, SPSEC is steadily moving towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a leader in School Education.

We invite you to become a part of this educational evolution and embark on an unforgettable journey to excellence.