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SPSEC - Wellbeing Cell

Our Vision and Mission

Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre displays a profound concern, as well as an unshakeable proficient standard in service to education. Our mission has been to ensure uninterrupted learning.

Our vision is to enable students to help themselves in realising their full potential and wisdom, understanding, creativity, compassion, flexibility and confidence.

About Wellbeing Cell

We, at SPSEC, understand that a child grows from more than just education. Factors like social environment, one’s own internal world, one’s understanding of life within oneself and beyond, amongst other, influence the development of a child; hence we believe in a holistic approach that focuses on every aspect of growth.

Continuing with our mission of uninterrupted learning and our endeavour to realise the full human potential, the Wellbeing Cell wants to support students’ psychosocial, academic, and overall personal and professional needs. The wellbeing cell’s mission is to enable students to develop a well informed decision-making skill and be mentally, emotionally and professionally independent when they reach adulthood.

Connecting with us

With prior scheduled appointments, parents, students, and teachers are at liberty to contact the school counsellors regarding any pressing concerns in any aspect of life. Absolute discretion and confidentiality is maintained in these wellbeing sessions, with the only exception being the instances of harm/neglect/abuse to self or others.

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