At Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, schooling is not just about a theoretical approach to facts and figures - education here is rooted in a commitment to innovation and service to the community.

Set yourself apart: Our faculty constantly integrates classroom learning with the available resources and from their own experience to provide valuable skills to the students which they can carry throughout their careers. The students passing our gates emerge ready to make positive changes in diverse communities and organizations at a global level.

Engaged Model of Education: The arena of modern day education not only calls for innovative methodology in imparting instructions but also strengthening core intrinsic values of the myriad Indian culture. Our institution is a cauldron that amalgamates contemporary qualities with traditional values and also acts as a fulcrum that aids students in transforming from being talented to prodigal. The tutors who mentor the scholars undergo a rigorous and grueling selection procedure so that the sanctity of our institution as the bastion of best in education remains unsullied.

Legacy: Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre has a history of fine academic accomplishment coupled with a unique campus atmosphere. We expect our students to push themselves academically, intellectually, and socially in preparation for leadership in an ever changing global society. We encourage our students to take full advantage of every opportunity to look at the world through informed eyes and broaden their horizons by actively embracing our school culture.

Life Changing: We, at Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre believe that the greatest way to serve mankind is through education. Education not just in terms of the way it is generally understood, but mentoring in its holistic sense, which leads to the growth of the body, mind and spirit of the child. The aim of our school right from its inception has been to provide affordable, quality and value based education. While we aspire to high standards in academics, effort is also made to include many co-curricular activities, with emphasis on our Indian culture and values.