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The vision behind Abhivyakti – a rostrum for creative expressions, is to refine the creative pathos of students while nurturing their critical tendencies. The endeavour is to mobilize the creative potential deeply embedded in every child and introduce them to literary exploration. In this direction, this intervention attempts to build the writing skills of a child beyond his/her academic exercise, though in specific relation to academics; English and Hindi literature. Hence, this activity, on one hand, gives a flight of imagination, however on the other hand with the critical tools, it ensures intellectual depth. In a similar vein, this activity has two components. First, is creative writing exploration and the other is critical thinking. If the former is practical intervention, then the latter is theoretical/philosophical sophistication. These two components complement each other and go beyond the watertight dichotomy of theory and practice while offering what we call reflective praxis in the discipline of literary art as a study of creative writing. Hence, with this activity our objective at Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre is to create self-conscious and critically refined authors who can adequately engage in this new academic sphere of the liberal art paradigm.