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Theme - Kanpur Ek Khoj

An Inter-School Art Competition was organized by Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre on Friday, 11th August 2023 on the theme ‘Kanpur Ek Khoj’. The Chief Guest of the competition was Ms. Saumya Pandey, Additional Labour Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh. The eminent judges were Dr. Purnima Tiwari, Ex-HOD, Fine Arts Department DAV College; Mr. Raj Kumar Singh, HOD Fine Arts Department, CSJM University and Mr. Sumit Kumar Thakur, Nationally Acclaimed Artist.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Saumya Pandey, Additional Labour Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh for her valuable presence as the chief guest. Her thoughtful insights will motivate the students to hone their skills and help them to give a deeper understanding of the intricate world of art. The impact of her guidance will extend far beyond the competition as these budding artists will continue to grow and explore their creative passions.
Budding artists from more than 38 schools across the city and a large number of professional artists enthusiastically participated in the competition captivating one and all with their intricate creativity.

The School Chairperson, Mrs. Manorama Govind Hari Singhania, Vice-Chairman, Mr.Abhishek Singhania, Vice-Chairperson, Mrs. Varsha Singhania, Vice-Chairman and Director, Mr. Partho P. Kar appreciated the creative acumen of the children and congratulated the winners and the participants for their talent.

Study Abroad Workshop
Grade - XII

The aim of the workshop was to provide information and guidance to students interested in pursuing education or academic experiences in foreign countries. The workshop covered various aspects, such as available programs, application processes, financial considerations, cultural adjustments, and potential benefits of studying abroad.

Singhanians promoting rich heritage of indian traditional art !

Art is an expression of our thoughts,emotions and desires.Its about sharing the way we experience the world. Through CHERIYAL ART WORKSHOP, students are learning new techniques of traditional art form and usage of natural colours for painting the figures and images.
Young artists are also acquainted  with the significance of intricate details and bold figures found in scroll painting.

Grade - VI

The freshers of Class VI were welcomed to this beautiful journey of a new phase of life with the event Coffee with Singhanians. The event was full of mixed emotions like warmth, happiness, laughter, excitement and fun where the students of S.P.S.E.C. interacted with the new comers. The rationale behind the event was to acculturate the new students to their new surroundings by furnishing them with the prospect to meet their new friends, know more about their new school and to have a room to maneuver.


“Earth is the elixir of life; it nurtures us, gives us our breath & beauty.”

As a step towards inspiring and educating children to take up the responsibility of their Environment, Earth Day was celebrated in the premises of SPSEC with full zeal and vigour. The whole school actively participated in the Earth Day activities and pledged to take care of their Mother Earth and to keep their environment clean and green.


Singhanians vividly opined their sight to establish a sense of importance towards MOTHER EARTH by creating awareness and working together on critical issues like global warming, pollution and the vanishing forest cover inter alia. It is a clarion call for everyone to “be a part of the change” and come forth to preserve our planet Earth.


With a view to propagate FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS among the students, SPSEC organised FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Fire Service and Uttar Pradesh Police. The drill helped students to understand their roles and responsibilities with the broadened step- by- step demonstrations to safeguard themselves during an evacuation. The fire-fighting equipments installed in the school was also put to test and displayed to the students through mock drill session.The drive also aimed to make the students and teachers understand the importance of being calm and composed in such adverse and critical situations. It helps in reducing confusion, panic and anxiety.


Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, famed for its legacy and leadership in K-12 academic domain; in its 40th year of service, has added another dimension to students ecosystem of learning, the one that will redefine the landscapes of futuristic education.The school is all set to prepare its students and other curious students of Kanpur for the complex challenges of the 21st century.

We strive to bring out potent, absolute and complete individuals, each a champion in his or her own right. We express our heartfelt gratitude towards Press and Media for giving an extended and wide coverage of the Inauguration Ceremony of Shri Govind Hari Singhania Centre for Advanced Learning.

Graduation is an exciting time, it is both an ending and a beginning; it has warm memories of the past and great dreams for the future.

The Bloom (Senior K.G.) section celebrated their Graduation Ceremony in the Foundation Block of Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, Kamla Nagar, Kanpur on March 22, 2022. The event was graced by the Principal Mrs. Bhawna Gupta. It was an occasion for the graduating students to look back at the time that they spent in the Foundation Block and the skills they acquired. The programme commenced with the welcome song. The little buddies looked both lively and graceful. The children of Bloom (Senior K.G.) section stole the hearts by belting out the words and exhibiting their spoken abilities through a successful rendition on the topic “My journey in Kindergarten” for the event.

It was indeed a treasurable moment when we saw the little ones thanking teachers and parents for their endless support through a thank you song and cherishing their preschool memories.

SPSEC Conducted a Quiz BRAINIAC

SPSEC conducted a quiz BRAINIAC for Class Root, on March 14, 2022. The students were divided into teams. Brainiac consisted of 4 rounds and the questions were framed in accordance to the age of the kids and also included audio and visual aids.

The kids answered all the questions with fervor and enthusiasm and the confidence they showed at this tender age was spectacular. The hardwork of the children was appreciated by our Principal, Mrs. Bhawna Gupta.

Patriotism on Independence Day

Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre celebrated the 75th Independence Day of our country with exquisite manifestation of patriotic sentiments. On this grand occasion, the ebullient Singhanians showcased a colourful spectrum of India vision. It was a proud moment to watch the fervent students spread the essence of nationalism charged with emotions and pride for their motherland.

The platinum jubilee festivities of our Independence Day were a week-long affair. Several events entwined with the spirit of liberty were conducted on the virtual platform owing to covid restrictions.It was a perfect build-up to the majestic occasion. The students were introduced to startling facts pertaining to freedom struggles, the immeasurable sacrifices of our freedom fighters, their tales of valour and India emergence as an independent, sovereign, democratic and republic country. The trials and tribulations of our forefathers who brought forth on this continent a nation conceived in liberty were also narrated to the young Singhanians. The day commenced with Sachi Arora of Class XI, emphasizing on the significance of our deliverance from the shackles of servitude. The comperes, Kanha Agarwal and Suhani Kapoor, employing their eloquence and elegance, set the tone of the events to follow. With warmth in their words and reverence in mannerisms, they invited the Principal, Ms Bhawna Gupta to unfurl the tri-colour. The school premises reverberated with the national anthem. The comperes requested our revered Principal to address on the propitious occasion and inspire all with her extolling words.

In her official speech, she paid rich tributes to the revolutionaries who gave their lives so that our nation might live and see the light of self-rule. She stressed that it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before that from these honoured freedom fighters we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.

In the cultural events that followed, students of classes III to XII presented a mellifluous choir in Sanskrit artiye vayam bhartiye , praising the motherland and our unity in diversity. The little ones from the pre-primary section dressed as gallant freedom fighters vigorously recited rhymes on the theme of patriotism. The students presented stirring monologues of nationalists like Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sarojini Naidu, Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.

Harshika Tiwari stoked the feelings of devotion to the motherland by presenting an emotive verse Meri Matrabhoomi. Tavishi Agarwal and Rajnandini Yadav of Class XI emoted romanticism with their classical dance performance on the song – Desh rangeela rangeela. Their gracious moves and charismatic expressions enthralled the audience. The cultural events came to a befitting conclusion with the duo of Anandita Vishnoi and Plaksha Mishra of class XI, singing in their melodious voice mitti mein mil java The song invoked jingoism and created ripples of unbridled emotions towards our motherland.

Children enthusiasm and energy reinforced the belief that even though our nation is diverse with many religions, languages and cultures, everyone comes together as a nation and experiences a common feeling of patriotism on Independence Day.

The School Captains, Akshat Agarwal and Sonakshi Bajpai, addressed the gathering in the closing ceremony and Ditya Lamba delivered the parting words and thanked everyone for the grand celebration and a day filled with patriotic verve and vigour. The entire programme was well attended by the Principal, Mrs. Bhawna Gupta, the Manager Administration, Mr. Surendra Yadav, the Headmistress, Mrs. Vandana Trivedi and other staff of the school.


The Sacred Strings speak of their undying love and protection between brothers and sisters, binding hearts together. The true essence of Rakshabandhan became alive with CRAFTIVITY-RAKHI MAKING ACTIVITY’, a virtual craft activity conducted for the students of grades I to XII wherein the Singhanians in all splendour, amalgamated together in Rakhi making activity under the guidance of Craft teachers.Their artisan-ship was quite fascinating and children thoroughly enjoyed this activity that tickled their creativity.

These vibrant rakhis were collected in school and the teachers and students, on behalf of all the Singhanians offered them as a mark of respect and gratitude to the frontline warriors. The exemplary contribution of each warrior during the pandemic times is heart-warming and these sacred strings were tied to honour them symbolising a promise to be bound together in love and gratitude.

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it

SPSEC had organized the Virtual Social Science Week – ETUDE SOCIALS for the students of Grades VI – X.The objective was to imbibe patriotism, esprit- de-corps and philanthropic outlook by drawing inspiration from the sagas of our selfless and great nationalists. Students of class 6th participated in the activity named-“Soldiers of our Fortune” .A ppt providing information about various freedom fighters like Chandra Shekahr Azad,Ram Prasad Bismil,Bhagat Singh ,Sarojini Naidu was shown to the young learners .Children were also availed with the insight about the various slogans raised by different freedom fighters as slogans awakened the feeling of patriotism in the youth of India during those days. “Unheard Sagas” was the most interesting activity conducted for Class VII. From the Great Revolt of 1857 to the attainment of independence in 1947 lakhs of freedom fighters fought to free the country from the British tyranny. Thousands of Indian women dedicated their lives for obtaining freedom of their motherland. ‘Walk the Timelime’ was conducted for Classes VIII to X. Keeping in view the dynamic environment, the students were asked to make the PPT showcasing the events of the lives of the Samaritans in a chronological manner. To help children, understand the value of time, calendar was attached with each slide. The students beautifully integrated history and technology, by adding new dimensions to the Social Science Week and setting up higher benchmarks.

Beauty is the realm of poetry.

The students of SPSEC enthusiastically participated in KAVYANJALI, Hindi Poem Recitation Competition. They got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence.The competition inspired the young poets to come forward and recite on the virtual platform. The students came up with different poems on the theme “Veer Ras & Hasya Ras” and recited them with great fondness and zeal. They enjoyed the perfection of expression, thoughts, emotions, rhythm and music of words. The participants from all the respective four houses Vindhya, Himachal, Yamuna and Ganga left no stone unturned to win for their house. The renowned personalities, Ms Anuradha Tripati, H.o.D (Department of Hindi), D.P.S Barra and Ms. Sunita Mishra, P.G.T. N.L.K. Inter College being the righteous bench of the competition, adjudicated the participants on the parameters like confidence, voice modulation, memorization and overall presentation. The young poets enthralled the audience with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. It was a splendid opportunity for them to gain confidence through virtual stage exposure. Everyone was delighted after seeing their pleasing performances. Every participant was given a certificate of participation. The competition reached to its end with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Akansha Gaur. The judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the participants.

Yoga means addition - Addition of energy, strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul.

Yoga is the ultimate harmony between the body, mind and soul and it has been adapted as a life style in the last half decade by the whole world. To enhance the way of living, it was a fruitful effort put forward by the Institution to organize a ‘Webinar – Yoga for Wellbeing’ on the occasion of International Yoga Day. In this tough time of pandemic this virtual event witnessed to be a silver line in the black clouds. This significant event was facilitated by the Yoga Therapist and the Joint Secretary of Arogya Bharti, Mr. Shivendra Dwivedi. Students performed various yoga asans such as Vajrasana, Padmasana, Uttanpadasana, Bhujangasana, Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Shalabhasana and Pranayam (Anulom-vilom) under the guidance of Yoga mentor. A dance stuti was presented by Roshni Thapar to inaugurate the session followed by the formal welcome of the resource person by the School Principal, Ms. Bhawna Gupta. It was a session that enthralled everyone with the joy of practicing yoga. The vote of thanks was presented by the Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Kavita Chadha .The event was accomplished with the playing of school song.

Drawing With Pen and Ink

The Art Department of the school kept the student fraternity of Classes VI to VIII virtually engaged in a marvellous technique on how to draw and shade their composition using pen and ink. The young artist learnt about the Scumbling and Hatching techniques to create their masterpieces. It was an enrapturing virtual session where the educators shared their personal experience of carrying their material wherever they go and create a piece of art. They also exhibited their creations. Towards the end of the Activity, most of the learners had already completed their masterpiece. The budding artists uploaded their creation in the Google Classroom.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination.

Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre had organized a virtual Inter-House Musical Competition, Funtakshari for the students of Grades VI-VIII. It was a virtual musical tour of the school since the students were missing all the fun that they used to have.Funtakshari was played in five different very interesting rounds that were Round 1: Emoticon Round- where emoticons in a particular order were shared and the song was to be guessed, Round 2 Sing a Song from the Given Word- with a word the students were to sing a song, Round 3: Dhun Saahibaa Sun- tunes were played and the participants had to guess the songs, Round 4: Identify the Movie where they had to guess the movie of the song and Round 5: Cognize the Mukhda on listening the Antara.All the rounds were participated in enthusiastically by the extremely bright interested stars of SPSEC.The competition was really full of Masti, Music and Magic designed to make the learners who had actually been missing school days were observed to be happy and contented.

'Online Get Together - CAFE de ' SINGHANIANS

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice. Mentoring is a particular form of relationship designed to provide personal or professional support to an individual. The mentor is generally more experienced than the mentee and makes use of that experience in a facilitative way to support the development of the mentee. In a nutshell, a student mentor’s role may be perceived to be facilitative, supportive and developmental for the student community in general and the new students in particular.The altered way of learning and communication lead to a whole new range of learning experiences, aimed at skill enhancement and value inculcation in New Singhanians, Ms. Anila Chandak, Ms. Sanjana Mishra and Mr. Stephin Prem Rose brought forth a myriad range of carefully planned and well-curated activities reflective of the enthusiasm, not only to enhance the skills and values but to keep engaged the young Singhanians with a sip of coffee also. An array of activities included ‘Ice Breaker-Introduction Round’, ‘Indipedia- know your country’, ‘Expresso Emotico-express your emoticon’ & ‘Let’s Guess Hinglish’. The diverse range of activity sessions kept the new students engaged and enthralled, and completely changed their solitude and hesitant nature till the end of the activity. It was truly an encouraging event that promised new young students to become a part of an unending successful voyage.

Coffee with Singhanians

COFFEE WITH SINGHANIANS Breaking the Barriers !! The freshers of Class VIII were welcomed to this beautiful journey of a new phase of life with the event Coffee with Singhanians. The event was full of mixed emotions like warmth, happiness, laughter, excitement and fun where the students of S.P.S.E.C. interacted with the new comers. The rationale behind the event was to acculturate the new students to their new surroundings by furnishing them with the prospect to meet their new friends, know more about their new school and to have a room to maneuver. Omnifarious games like Guess Who Am I, Yes & No Game, Read the Tag Lines & Guess the Product, Unscramble the Scramble & Riddle Time were played with the students. The session became more synergetic when the new students added great vitality and rendered their camouflaged potentials and brought forward their virtuosity of being connected virtually with their school, fellow friends and teachers. Finally the event accomplished with a warm welcome to the S.P.S.E.C. family and wishes for the future on this journey of education and success.

Coffee with Singhanians

To facilitate identification with integration of new kids in SPSEC, the event Coffee with Singhanians was conducted for class VII where the students interacted with the newcomers of the school sharing about their journey and experiences so far. The motive behind the activity was to acclimatize newly admitted students to their new surroundings by providing them an opportunity to meet their new friends and know more about their new school. Various games like Guess Who Am I, Tall Tales, Boggle Your Mind, Read the Taglines-Name the Product etc. played by the host teachers made the students more engaged, competitive and prompt throughout the session. The session became more interactive when the new students, with great vigour portrayed their hidden talents and shared their experiences of being connected virtually with their school and beloved teachers. The highlight of the event was that even the hesitant students started responding readily and the home-bound students enjoyed this break from their daily routine and created memories to cherish and look forward to.

Literature is the beautiful art of expression

“Literario Fest- get lit! festival” To mark the importance of literature in human life, SPSEC observed Literario Fest- get lit! festival (English Literary Fest) from April 27, 2021 – April 29, 2021, whereby various activities were conducted on a virtual platform for Grades I-XII. The activities for students were for Classes VI-VII(Group A-Infotainment), Classes IX-X (Group B- War of Words) and Group C- Rendezvous with Literati for Classes XI-XII was a huge feat among the students. Interesting and entertaining activities were well planned, designed and executed for each group. Activities like Word Power, Prefixing and solving Crossword Puzzle, Spell Well and Phrasal Verbs were thoroughly enjoyed by Group A. War of Words activity for Group B unravelled the world of British and American words, this activity proved to be a gala event with immense learning for the zealous students. Students of Group B immersed the audience by skillfully enacting the Literatis’ through the role-play. These activities were a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness. The educators and pupils enriched their bonds through these activities while taking a break from their monotonous routine. The excitement of the students was very much audible in their voice. The Literario Fest was a great success. The event had achieved the aim of diverting the mood of the pupils from this tough testing time that pinnacled on a happy note of self-achievement.

International Dance Day

“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” To keep the spirit of art and culture alive a webinar was organised by Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre on the occasion of International Dance Day . The resource person Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava (HoD-Music Dept. Dayanand College, Kanpur, Ex Convener (Music) C.S.J.M.University,Kanpur, A Renowned National Kathak Performer) enlightened the participants with the magical aspects of dance therapy and dance as the most powerful tool to help in catharsis . The event began with the enthusiastic performance on a beautiful ‘Stuti’ by Ms. Gauri Pathak, H.o.D( Dance Faculty). Moving on to the next the guest was given a warm welcome by the honorable Principal Ms. Bhawna Gupta. After the insightful discourse on dance being not only just a form of art but also one’s rhythm of soul with nature ,further it was followed by a questionnaire round with quite inquisitive questions put forward by students( classes 8-12). The entire compering was done by the brilliant students Akshat Agarwal and Suhani Kapoor. Finally ,the vote of thanks was presented by honorable Vice Principal Ms. Kavita Chadha.It was a worth engaging session.

House In charges

The House Incharges of S.P.S.E.C. for the session 2021-22 were sworn in on May 03, 2021, marking the stupendous beginning of various Inter-House Competitions of different realms and ruling the winners names on wall of fame under their able leadership through out the session.

NSTSE Champion

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Webinar on Science With Fun

Keeping in mind to enhance the interest for Science in young minds, the school organized a webinar on ‘ Science with Fun’ for the students of Classes VI to X on May 1, 2021.The objective was to acquire the skills, apply principles of science and to further develop knowledge and understanding. Following the theory of ‘Learning by doing’ ,the Resource Person, Dr. Rakesh Awasthi, Profound Physicist, HoD Physics at St. George’s College, Agra, started the inaugural session with his keynote address in which he emphasized the revolutionary changes in our daily life due to developments in ‘Science’ .He shared the thoughts of his own experiments like Surface Tension, Newtonthird law to make concepts of science easy. He motivated the participants to improve their thinking skills. He presented videos about day to day life experiments that students can also perform under their roof. In the questionnaire round, the resource person interacted with the young Singhanians in such a way that even the hesitant students were keen to exchange their ideas related to doubts with him. The most interacting round of questioning ended with a satisfactory and delighted mood of the students. The session was indeed interesting and to conclude, ‘Good science is done by being curious in general, by asking questions all around, by acknowledging the likelihood of being wrong and taking this in a good humour for granted, by having a deep fondness for and by being made jumpy and nervous by ignorance’.

Online Inter House Quiz Competition

Wall of Fame – Glittered with Winners

Self Watering Planter - Earth Day Activity

The teachers and students of SPSEC celebrated yet another largest civic event of the world, Earth Day on a a virtual platform. The annual event to celebrate the planet’s environment and raise awareness for protection of mother nature was observed with a lot of fun and fervour. The purpose of the event was to show support for environment protection and make the young Singhanians conscious about the state of our planet Earth. Children were inspired to act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation of the natural resources through various craft activities such as Self Watering Planter for the children of Group A (classes VI & VII) and Bird’s House for the children of Group – B (classes VIII & IX) which boosted their enthusiasm.