Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre organized online Summer Camp- SUMMER CHILL WITH TRILL & THRILL from 8th June, 2020 to 13th June, 2020 for the students of Classes I- VIII. Each day was fun filled with plethora of activities. These activities not only brought out the hidden talents of the students to the surface but also diverted their minds at these difficult times. The six day session was full of fun and excitement not only for the students but also for parents and teachers. The Principal, Ms Bhawna Gupta gave the credit of the success of the programme to the students, parents and teachers. She also stated that today’s students are the future of the nation and making them mentally strong is the collective responsibility of both teachers and parents. At the time of lockdown, the institution would always make sincere effort to make the students utilize their time in an optimistic way.

Best Out of Waste

Creativity is rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Following environmental friendly principle, 'Best out of waste' activity was organised for students of classes Root, Bud and Bloom in which kids created useful and picturesque objects out of waste material. Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. Their innovative models and art items from different waste materials created an amazing array of display items and useful everyday objects leaving everyone spellbound. It was amazing to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles.

Puppet Making Activity

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Puppetry may take any form, but it shares the process of animating inanimate performing objects to tell a story. In the light of this, students of Classes 1 and 2 had an extraordinary activity of Puppetry Making in which the students were introduced to the hand puppet. This activity helped them develop their visual-spatial intelligence and kinaesthetic intelligence. It encouraged their craftsmanship and originality and enabled them to learn about puppet design and amazing techniques to create them. Their immaculate work of preparing colourful and meaningful puppets by using interesting materials surely deserve a big applause.

Online Hindi Debate Classes 6 - 8

To develop essential critical thinking skills, an online Hindi Debate Competition was conducted for Class 7th . 4 debaters participated in it with 2 speaking in favour and 2 against the motion. The attendees included the students of classes 5-8 and a few teachers of the school. A senior Hindi teacher of the institution Ms. Akansha Gaur welcomed the panel of judges that comprised of Dr. Yatindra Singh (Asst. Professor D.A.V. College) and Mr. Vishesh Shukla (Deputy News Editor, Danik Jagran I-Next, a you tuber,story and poetry writer) who addressed the participants and audience with their words of wisdom. The participants in both the groups were rigorous in their presentation. The session ended with verdict on the winner by the respective judges and the speech of the Chief Guest Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra ( History HOD, V.S.S.D. College) who briefed about the topic and also congratulated the participants for their efforts and blessed them for their future endeavors. The winners of the day were provided with E- Certificates.

Online English Debate Classes 9 - 12

Online English Debate Class - 8

Mothers' love -the most precious master piece to be treasured.

Recognizing the essence of a mother' love, SPSEC extended its profound reverence to all mothers by making an earnest effort to instill the importance of a mother in a child's life through online teaching and celebrated this angelic bond in high spirits and merriment. The zealous participation of students was enjoyed by one and all.

The online contest 'Mama Mia' saw zestful involvement of both enthusiastic moms and their cheerful kids. Their passion was fashioned in beautiful greeting cards that children created for their loving moms.The tiny tots with their new and innovative ideas filled each and everyone with emotions.

They jubilantly spoke about their mothers and even baked yummy cakes for them.Their merriment was reflected when they danced vigorously expressing their fondness towards each other in the dance competition that was specially meant to strengthen their bond.

It was a pleasure watching the dynamic children and even their mommies doing something unique, something special. The celebration venerated the sincere collaborative efforts of all - mothers, children and teachers!

It was such a blissful morning to see the tiny tots of SPSEC with mango shaped badges pinned up on their dazzling yellow attires greeting the bright sunny day with exuberance and excitement.

Through Online classes teachers briefed the students about mango,the king of fruits. It being the time of the year when a dash of mango- the sweet, juicy, tropical fruit in any dish instantly makes it a favourite one for all ,kids were familiarized with delicious delights prepared with it like mango shake, ice cream, jam, pickle, chutney etc.

The little CHEFS enjoyed the kitchenette activity wholeheartedly by preparing dishes like mango pudding or mango shake and relishing the same with their parents.

Lovely photographs reflecting joyful emotions of the little ones while savoring juicy mangoes were clicked and shared with all the teachers by parents.

SPSEC had organized a TALK SHOW on AYUSMAN BHARAT YOJNA for the students of classes IX to XII. The pupils were enlightened with the fact that it is one of the biggest healthcare programs in the world.It is functional at the grass-roots level where services are provided to the vulnerable Indians who are in need of healthcare.

The pupils satiated their queries through healthy discussion and broadened their knowledge regarding the multiple advantages of PMJAY( Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna)scheme.The session was interactive and extensively appreciated by the Singhanians.