Recreational Activities 2021-22

Live Learning Session - Sentire Mathematica

Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality. The Resource Persons, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Head of Department,Mathematics and Senior Mathematics Teacher, Mr. Animesh Bhattacharya, conducted a Webinar on ' Live Learning Session - Sentire Mathematica' and brought it to life with interactive discussions, numerous examples and mental exercises while focusing on transferring Mathematics skills spontaneously. Students of Grades XI and XII were informed about the application of the 'Maxima - Minima' and 'Ellipse' concept in learning by doing method. The resource persons also accentuated to apply and experience both in daily life. Easy to understand presentation helped in erasing the fear of Maths in a fun-filled manner.The session facilitated the Students to sharpen their mind with the enhancement of retention skills

IMPULSE- an Inter- Class Science Extempore Competition

SPSEC always thrives to cater the all-round development of their students. The main focus of the school is always on improving the soft skills of the students. To instil a scientific temperament in students, IMPULSE- an Inter- Class Science Extempore Competition based on Science concepts was held for the students of Class XII. Extempore is an excellent way to assist students not only in spontaneous thinking but also in asserting their creative ideas with precision. The objective of the competition was to make the students confident and better speakers so that they can fearlessly express their views on any topic of science. The participants delivered their speeches with great confidence and left no stone unturned to give their best on the topics they received. They were judged on the criteria of Content, Confidence and Expressions. The judges found it very taxing to select the best three students from all the passionate participants. The students showed great fervour and poise in their respective presentation. This activity intended to its objective successfully to allow the students to shake off their diffidence and to build up their self-confidence.

Fun Time with English...!

'ENGLISH' Unveiling Singhanians 'Fun Time with English...!, the virtual event, was organized by the English Department of Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre for the students of grades IX and X. The activity was divided into four interactive rounds like FUN WITH FIGURE OF SPEECH, PUZZLING PHRASES, PHRASAL VERBS and GUESS THE PIC. The event captivated the students in totality, which was observed in their enthusiastic participation. The session was a fun-filled one with a lot of learnings. The event was well-knitted under the supervision and able guidance of the Head of the Department Ms Anila Chandak with the special technical support of Sr. English Faculty, Mr Saurabh Shukla. Compering was fabulously done by Ms Anila Chandak, for Class X and Ms Ruchi Dey, for Class IX whereas Ms Sadhvi Manchanda and Ms Sanajana Mishra kept track of the score for classes IX and X respectively. Ms Bhagyashree Israni, flawlessly rendered technical support throughout for Class IX. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Meenal Rathore for Class IX and Ms Sanjana Mishra for Class X. The English Activity * SING’LISH: Unveiling Singhanians Fun Time with English* was a great success. The event achieved the aim of deflecting the mood of the pupils from this harsh testing juncture that pinnacled on a delighted note of self-achievement. The English Department extends heartfelt gratitude to the vibrant Principal, Ms Bhawna Gupta, the industrious Vice-Principal, Ms Kavita Chadha and the adroit Supervisor, Mr Saurabh Singh for giving rise to us, to conduct such activities and for their encouraging guidance and support. We are grateful to them for sparing their valuable time from their busy schedule.


'Magicmatics' created the aura of magnificence with interesting and entertaining rounds of mental Maths and Riddles in classes VI to VIII. The activity turned out to be successful in testing the reasoning and logical abilities of young Singhanians. One of the segment of the session dealt with the identification of Indian Mathematicians for the enhancement of the students' knowledge.The enthusiastic learners participated to the fullest by answering each question spontaneously. The mission of diverting the mood of the budding stars in the turbulent time was achieved fully .

Scientific Fabio Quest

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has contributed to the world concepts such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Mathematics also. Vedic A golden opportunity was provided to the students of Classes 6,7 & 8 to explore and improvise their knowledge with their zealous particiaption in the activity 'Scientific Fabio Quest'. It was conducted successfully by the mentors with their commanding coordination. There were three rounds in the quiz i.e.Rapid Fire ,Eureka- Eureka!! & Brain Storming.The quiz helped students to identify what they know and what they do not know.This event proved to be very educational and informative for the young learners. It was much appreciated endeavour by the school. Such events go a long way in moulding students personality and testing their knowledge.Students participated in the quiz enthusiastically and enjoyed thoroughly.

Recreational Activity - Hindi


India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has contributed to the world concepts such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Mathematics also. Vedic Mathematics is India's gift to the world. It is a set of mathematical techniques that help even the most numerically challenged to conquer difficult sums.The profound and experienced Head of the Mathematics Department, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma and Senior Teacher of Mathematics Department, Mr. Animesh Bhattacharya, headed the webinar on Vedic Mathematics and brought to life with interactive discussions, numerous examples and mental exercises with a focus on transferring Vedic Mathematics skills spontaneously. Students of Grade XI and XII were informed about 16 formulas of Vedic Mathematics which can be used for problem-solving in various fields of mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics etc. Mentors explained some of these formulas like Dheshamashaha, Yavadunam, Ekadhikena-purvena and Urdhva-tiryagbyham ' innovatively. The resource person claimed that using ' Vedic Mathematics tricks one could do calculations 10-15 times faster than by the usual methods. He also accentuated the use of Vedic Mathematics also helps remove the fear of Math in a fun-filled manner, sharpening the mind, increase in mental agility and intelligence, enhancing retention skills and boosting self-confidence. Students were given several practice questions and amazingly they were able to reply swiftly in the affirmative. Similarly, some other tricks were also shared before the session up. The students marvelled at the simple tricks and participated in the webinar with enthusiasm. They felt motivated and demonstrated a desire to learn such methods of calculation in the future.

Online Science Quiz - MIND TACTICS

"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world." In these times of virtual reality, the virtual connect has been the motivating factor.Keeping in mind the objective of engaging our young students, SPSEC had conducted an ' Online Science Quiz - MIND TACTICS ' for the students of Grade XII.It was like a whiff of fresh lease of life with rejuvenation and exhilaration. The objective was to bring forth the hidden Science maven in singhanians and to reboot & improvise the knowledge of science.The event witnessed an enthusiastic concoction of preparation and participation.The participants had to go through mazes of intuited and mind blogging rounds consisting of questions related to the curriculum of Physics and Chemistry. The quiz masters had not only involved the contestants but by giving various riveting fact on science, they have grabbed the attention of the audience also.


As a part of extended learning, an interesting series of Maths Quiz was initiated by Maths Department for the enthusiastic and brilliant brains of Grade XII. The contest- Maths Quest combined the best elements of problem-solving test and quiz to bring out the excitement and creativity of mathematics amongst the participants and helped to enhance the interest towards the subject. A team of experts, with various enthusiastic and interesting activities like Brain Teaser, Visual Round and Rapid Fire round, created a conducive environment to work in groups outside the classroom to achieve the main objective to look beyond their textual knowledge and relieve the tension of their daily work routine and to stretch their knowledge horizons. The event reached its coda with an enriching, interesting and fun-filled activity with lots of information about outlandish ideas of mathematics.


A small hiatus from classroom studies brought an opportunity to expand the area of knowledge by quizzes and competitions and potent the desire of learning more and more. Furthermore, it brought a time to enhance conceptual understanding and improving retention too. Commerce and Humanities Department took prerequisite of this hiatus and initiated to improve trivia of students via topping series of Logo Quiz on a virtual platform for the students of Grade XII. Collaboration of the expert team of both the departments aimed to enhance the self-confidence of young brains, deepen their knowledge and provided exposure to the world rich with lots of erudition. The aura of the event was scented with the remarkable and spellbound hosting of Mr Rishi Kakkar and Mr Shubham Dhawan. In the activity, a variety of logos national and international brands were displayed during both the 'Elimination' and 'Final' rounds of Logo Recognition. Participants of each team were exquisite in their knowledge and displayed true interest in the quiz. The spontaneous attitude was observed in the rigorous performances of the young minds, had been a testimony to the fact that learning happened in a perfect and synchronized manner, not only with the curriculum but in areas even beyond the textbooks also. All the teams were well prepared and the competition was very tough. They surprised the audience with their in-depth knowledge and information. The rendering of various interesting information was the highlight of the event and much enjoyed by the entrants and audience. It was an event to remember.

Journey After Aryabhata

To ameliorate learning with fun, activities related to Computer Science were conducted for the students of Grades VI to VIII. The session focused to unravel the enigma of the Number System and its various types i.e. Decimal Number System, Binary Number System, the Octal Number System and Hexadecimal Number System with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. Students were also assimilated about ASCII Codes of the Character. This thought-provoking session focused on edifying young minds to augment knowledge related to the conversion of Numbers from the Decimal to Binary Number System and from Binary to Decimal Number System. A quiz related to the above-mentioned topics was also conducted in which students participated with great zeal and vigour. Students were lauded by the teachers for their praiseworthy performance. The chatbox was crammed with non-stop messages of students professed the success of the event.

English Farrago!!

Subject wise activities are being conducted virtually by Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre from May 11, 2021 May 19, 2021. The activities related to English subject were conducted for Grades VI-VII today i.e. on May 13, 2021. The educators weaved interesting and entertaining activities related to language were conducted in a fun-filled way through PowerPoint presentation. The enthusiastic participation was the testimony of the well-organised event. Students non-stop messages expressing such activities in future also narrated the story of the success of the programme. Hence the mission of diverting the mood of the budding minds during this turbulent juncture was attained altogether.

Social Science Fiesta!!

'Social Science Fiesta' the virtual event was meticulously planned for the students of classes VI-VIII. The interactive rounds like Quizlet Flashcards, Guess the Picture, Guess the Monuments, Riddles, Spin the Wheel were thoroughly rejoiced by the pupils. An intriguing and interactive concourse ignited the inquisitiveness of the students. The event was well-organized and executed by the able team of the Social Science Department. The entire event rejuvenated the young minds and kept them engaged throughout the activity. With much anxiety and uncertainty of the arduous days, the event achieved great success in deflecting the moods of the students.

Alumni Meet

Alumni are the substratum of an Institute and act as a torchbearer for their upcoming generation. To refine Grade XII students and give them a glimpse of the competitive world, SPSEC invited its eminent and very talented senior Alumni from class years that ranged from 2015 to 2020- Ms. Stuti Agarwal pursuing B.A. LL.B-Dr. RMLNLU, NLU; Ms. Saumya Sakhuja pursuing B.Com. & Company Secretary; Ms Suhani Agarwal pursuing BA.LLB. NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad; Ms Devesh Joshi, Representing Uttarakhand State in U-19 Cooch Behar Trophy along with Health & Nutrition course; Ms. Nandani Maewal pursuing IMBA (integrated MBA) in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Goa University; Ms Vanshika Dubey pursuing B.A (History and Sociology) Miranda House, University of Delhi; Mr Divyansh Awasthi pursuing Integrated Program in Management (BBA+MBA) Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak; Ms Fatima Roomi pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University; Ms Divyanshi Jain pursuing Knitwear Design (D. Des.) National Institute of Technology, Kolkata; Mr Mohammad Junaid pursuing B.P.Ed from Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior and have represented U-17 Uttar Pradesh in School Games Federation of India(SGFI).The alumni addressed the students regarding the expectation of their expertise. In this time of new normal, the skills required to be acquired of their field was conveyed in bounty. A very concrete interaction took place between alumni and Singhanians.The Talk Show brought forth an opportunity for students to gather valuable information about various career tracks. The students attending the sessions were catered with suggestions and guidance which would surely help them to become their own future makers. young learners felt a lot wiser apart from having dual benefits of getting reconnected with the alumni as well as learning from their experiences.