What does happiness mean to me.
October 3, 2017
What Happiness Mean to Me?
October 3, 2017

I think the feeling of happiness is hard to explain. Very often I’m happy but I don’t realise it. I’m just feeling good at such a moment. I get happier when I seize the day than when I just sit at home doing nothing. The feeling of happiness doesn’t come to you. You have to let it out. There is no special plan that makes me happy. For me, happiness is when I got up after being drowned by life’s circumstances. I’m learning how to ride the waves. Keep learning, I told myself. It requires drowning from time to time and it’s okay, that’s what life is all about. But remember to share this light to the people you meet everyday. In my culture, people are family oriented so when there’s family reunion, I can say that happiness is in the air. Happiness means living a moment fully, taking everything in, without comparing. Genuine happiness comes in a whisper but sometimes turns your world around. Happiness is a heart filled to the brim. What makes me feeling good doesn’t automatically bring happiness to another person. You have to discover which things make you happy. For me there are lots of things which makes me happy. I love to go out , to do sports, to visit friends and lots of other small things. I’m not a person who can’t be happy alone. Being successful brings happiness to me too. I don’t really think that there is a single word which exactly means happiness to me. There is nothing special that I’m aiming for to be happy. I personally feel happy and content when I think I was useful to someone else, and was able to give something to someone without anything in return, be it a small help, a sincere advise or even just sharing my soul through a smile. I associate so many words with this special feeling – my family and friends, freedom, youth, love and many more.

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Sanchi Arora
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