What Happiness Means to Me?
October 3, 2017
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October 20, 2017

Sometimes we think we have lost our keys and couldn’t find them inspite of searching them everywhere. And then we suddenly realize that they were in our pockets themselves. Similar is happiness, even after finding it at every other place, we don’t get it because it is within us. How can we find happiness anywhere else when it is already residing in us? There is no key to happiness, because the door is already open. You can get in there and conquer it anytime you want, anytime you are ready for it.

Happiness- it’s a word we all struggled with as humans. Different things make us all smile in different ways. We all go on to search that makes us smile but do we ever really find it? Have we ever wondered why?

Does the joy of eating food come from the true meaning of happiness?? Does it really come from watching your favourite TV series? Or by using Facebook, WhatsApp and instagram whole day? Or does it come from earning money ? We all have made these materialistic things our horcruxes (yeah, I am a Potterhead) or in other words we have made them a necessity for our survival.

You see, as people we have decided to put all of our joy into things we know are only temporary. Things that only make us happy for a certain amount of time. After that it goes away what are we left with? Even Bill Gates says, ” wealth and success failed to bring happiness for me. Nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than doing charity”.

The true meaning of happiness for me comes from something greater than any materialistic thing. The true happiness for me is self-satisfaction; and self-satisfaction for me is in making others smile and in filling others life with happiness and joy. Because I believe in the words of a famous scholar, “Be like a flower that gives it’s fragrance to even the hand that crushes it”.

Pool C
Name : Nida E Zahra Zaidi
Class : 9 E

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