July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Physical Education

Physical Education is a course taught in school that focuses on developing fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy day-to-day physical activities with ease. Kids also develop skills necessary to participate in a wide range of activities such as soccer, basketball and swimming.

According to the Ministry of Education and National Planning of Physical Education and Recreation, “The aim of physical education must be to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also to develop in him such personal and social qualities as well as help him to live happily with others and build him up a good citizen.”

Regular physical education classes prepare kids to be physically and mentally active , fit and healthy into adulthood. An effective physical education program should include engaging lessons, trained physical education teachers, adequate instructional periods and student evaluation.

Physical Education develops fitness and fosters the desire for lifelong participation in physical activities. Physical education classes teach the health benefits of regular exercise and healthy food choices along the risk of inactivity and poor diet.

Physical Education also helps students to develop social skills. For example team games help them learn to respect others, contribute to a goal and socialize as a productive member of a team.

Importance of Sports

It is rightly said : “Sports do not build a character, But they reveal it”

A healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore it is necessary to put emphasis on it.

Sports are the sources of recreation of one’s life. They provide relief and a sense of relaxation in a person’s life full of hardships, miseries and hurdles.

These activities are very essential to maintain health and physical fitness as well as they encourage the growth of team spirit. Games provide us with importance of discipline and togetherness. They teach us the value of time and how even a single second can change the whole game of a sportsman.

At a greater or professional level they provide us with various career opportunities in almost every field like sports dietician and sports physiotherapist in medical section, a sports coach and physical education teacher in teaching section, sports minister in political section , sports marketing and selling fitness products in business section ..and many more…..

Following are the achievements of our school students in sports –

  1. Dashmeet Kaur Chawla
    • Won silver in long jump and bronze in 400m in CBSE Cluster 2016.
    • Secured 3rd place in 5Km Mararthon held in Kanpur
  2. Kavya Dwivedi
    • Youth Basketball champion
    • Selected for Nationals under-19 age group.
  3. Vani Chaurasia
    • National CBSE Taekwondo Championship
  4. Ekta Singh
    • Represented the Central Zone Cricket team for Women U-19 Inter-Zonal Championship.
    • Played One Day match for Senior women team of cricket.

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