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How to Crack Clat

Common Law Admission Test, popularly known as CLAT is an aptitude based entrance exam for National Law Universities (NLUs). It is a matter of 120 minutes online test comprising of five sections i.e English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning making up a 200 marks exam. 50 marks Legal section is basically to test the legal acumen of a law aspirant as to his/her reaction or course of action in a particular situation. According to common perception, what deters non-mathematics students from giving this test is a 20 marks mathematics section. However, it just tests upon upto class 10th maths. Another major portion of the exam is 50 marks GK section which is a mix of current as well as static awareness. There is no particular ratio in which this is balanced but varies each year. 40 marks English section tests upon basic grammar and vocabulary. Reading Comprehension is another major part of this section, which tests upon quick understanding of a passage, and contains inference type questions. Last but not the least is the 40 marks Logical Reasoning section which is a compendium of qualitative as well as quantitative reasoning questions.

Although legal section contains a few questions of basic constitution based legal knowledge, but a person without enough legal backup can crack this section satisfactorily. One thing which is to be taken care of is Legal Maxims which can be asked either in English Section or Legal Section, varying year to year.

This is an exam which is not about studying much but concerns more of the aptitude of a person. What requires much labour is the GK section, involving daily notes making from various newspapers and online sources available. People from non-English medium background too have no issues with the paper as a little more hardwork in English can take them through.

As law is digging into the minds of this generation at a fast pace, every year takers of this exam are increasing in great numbers. There are 18 NLUs all over India, the gateway to which is the examination we are discussing about. Corporate law is a new craze which today’s youth considers as a good career opportunity involving huge sum of money and success, making CLAT popular day by day. Even students from streams other than commerce are ending up taking law as an opportunity in future. That’s how law as a field is growing not only in India but world over.

I feel cracking CLAT is not considered as tough as various other exams, but it requires a well focused mind and a determined soul to finally end up experiencing a vibrant life of a law school.

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